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Eureka! is a subscription-based community for small business entrepreneurs who want to focus *on* their business so they can work less and have more fun.

The Eureka! vision is to challenge the status quo, nurture the maverick within, innovate thoughts and actions, and provide real solutions for real achievement.

The core mission of Eureka! is growing people...and business.

The strategic mission is to customize the latest in personal and business achievement tools for the adventurous, highly-skilled entrepreneurs to produce an accelerated growth rate of 20% or more.

Join Us. 

As a member of Eureka!...

  • Gain exclusive access to a network of like-minded small business entrepreneurs.
  • Eliminate the isolation from growing your business in a silo. 
  • Benefit from thought-provoking conversations and expert perspective on subjects like sales, marketing, productivity, and growing your business.
  • Receive invites to members-only events held via online video including
    • The Marketing Study Club — Learn, study, understand, and hone in on the marketing tactics most effective for your business during this ongoing marketing study group. 
    • Mastermind Groups — Combining clarity, focus, and strategy with a healthy dose of proven scientific methodologies (and a lot of humor and fun), you'll achieve predictable, repeatable, and sustainable growth to carry you into 2020 with less stress.
    • Book of the Month Club — Treat yourself to some of the hottest topics and most provocative, mind-bending business conversations. Bookworms welcome!

Becoming a member is simple. 


$14.99/month or $149.99/year

14-Day FREE Trial—Credit Card Required

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Who Belongs to Eureka!

Ambitious and upbeat, members of Eureka! are extremely enthusiastic about technology and enjoy tapping into the latest to grow their business. 

We are creative, intelligent, self-confident, and funny. Definitely not old-fashioned!

We are highly focused. 

We are risk takers who prefer a high yield over a safe investment. 

Although lovers of technology, we feel a bit overloaded by the modern world and in need of some stress reduction. 

We are accountants, authors, attorneys, strategists (marketing, career, business), virtual assistants, bookkeepers, trainers, educators, speakers, consultants, and coaches. 

We live in the US, Canada, and Japan (so far). We have experience as business owners and some of us are new to this crazy adventure. Some of us have staff. Most of us are lone-rangers.

Jackie Nagel, Community Strategist

As the daughter of a small business owner, I had a front-row seat to the difficulty many small business entrepreneurs experienced in finding the right resources at the right price. 

This fueled my passion for wanting to provide a platform where entrepreneurs can gather to get questions answered, feel supported, receive encouragement, learn from each other, and not feel so alone in growing their business – all at a price point that’s affordable. In a way, you could say it was my own Eureka! moment. 

Additionally, I'm the Founder and President of Synnovatia, a strategic business coaching firm. 

Come in and join us!  Experience your own Eureka! moments. 

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